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Do you want to play online slots? Choose bonus slot machines and your chances to win will increase exponentially.

Bonus Slots Online – How to Win the Best?

Welcome to the online gambling world! No matter who you are, experienced player or beginner, you have come here to indulge in a flutter on the slot machines and undoubtedly to win some money. So, let's choose the game that would be to your taste and let's set our choice on bonus slot machines that are the most loved slots of many players of all ages.

Bonus Slots Games that Guarantees Wins

The time when slots ( also known as pokies online Australia ) if you are from Down Under, consisted of boring spinning of several symbols have sunk into oblivion. Old one-armed bandits gave way to the ultra modern video slots that have been implemented at many online casinos. Slot machines of today can boast of super graphics and high quality sound effects as well as additional features and exciting bonus rounds.

Choose bonus slot machines instead of the old fashioned classic slot games and your game play will be full of action, intrigue and excitement. Moreover, bonus slots always offer the chance to win much more as bonus rounds can bring you double or triple the normal regular spins.

Usually, to win entry into a bonus round, you should catch a specific winning combination which consists of 3 particular bonus or scatter symbols. Each bonus game has its special plotline and you are the main hero of this story who is looking forward for its outcome.

Is it magic wheel spinning, race or boxes with dynamite, you can always be sure that you will win something extra. In some bonus games you should do nothing, just follow the action and wait for the cash prize. Many US online casinos for real money have slots that give you the option to choose an object to win an amount or choose your number of free spins and multipliers. However, you should be careful while playing certain bonus games as they have unpredictable traps which can cause you to lose if you get too greedy!

Win Free Spins More Often

Free Spins have already become the normal kind of bonus round. You can win Free Spins if you catch a special winning combination, usually consisting of scatters. Scatter is the symbol that can appear in any position anywhere on the screen. The best thing in Free Spins is not only the opportunity to play without spending a cent, but the chance to multiply your wins as well. Usually, all wins, even jackpots, are doubled or tripled during Free Spins. So, play slots and win an unlimited number of Free Spins.

Bonus Slot Multipliers - Do Your Best

One more bonus that acts during the main game round is the Wild Symbol. If it appears on the reels, it substitutes for the symbols lacking in the winning combination to make it complete. In some games wild symbol can act as a multiplier as well. This means that your win will be multiplied, if the wild is a part of your winning combination.

Progressive Jackpot – Do You Need It?

A Progressive jackpot can constitute millions of dollars and, naturally, there is nothing more attractive for players than the opportunity to become the owner of such a prize! Usually, to win a progressive jackpot you should play the maximum bet allowed, although some slot machines have a random progressive jackpot that can trigger at random, regardless of the bet size or winning combination. Some slot games even offer up to 4 different progressive jackpots.