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Caribbean Stud Poker / Cyberstud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker which is also known as CyberStud Poker is a popular casino table game. It is based on 5 Card Stud and is played on a special table in the casino hall.

This is an extremely exciting game and involves quite a bit of interaction with the dealer. You can win a lot of money even for a Full House which is quite a simple hand to get. You just have to hope that the dealer opens with an Ace and King or Better.

Caribbean Stud Poker Features

Before the game starts each player has to make a bet, which is called your ante. In addition to your ante you now have another option called the progressive jackpot, making the game much more interesting.

As explained below this progressive jackpot offers additional payoffs but also demands another wager of $1.

Five cards are dealt to each player, face down. The dealer himself will also receive five cards but he will turn over his fifth dealt card for all players to see. Now, seeing your five cards and one of the dealers, you have two choices.If you feel you can't beat the dealers hand and you decide to fold simply throw your cards on the table and you are out, hereby losing your ante. On the other side if you think you can beat the dealer's hand you must make an extra bet called a call bet. This bet has to be exactly double the amount of your ante, no more, no less. After the players have made their decision the dealer will flip over his remaining four cards. He must at least have an Ace-King combination or higher to even qualify for play. If the dealer can't open the players who did not fold, automatically win the ante
but the call bet will simply be returned without any further payout. In case the dealer does qualify he will then start comparing his hand with the players. For you to win, you have to beat the dealers hand according to the regular poker ranks. If your hand beats the dealer's your ante is returned and your call bet is paid out depending on the strength of your hand. Losing the hand means losing your ante and your call bet.


Pair or Ace-King Combination / 1:1
Two Pair / 2:1
Three of a Kind / 3:1
Straight / 4:1
Flush / 5:1
Full House / 7:1
Four of a Kind / 20:1
Straight Flush / 50:1
Royal Flush / 100:1
Progressive Jackpot!

This option is offered in most casinos.
As mentioned above, to go for the progressive jackpot you have to make an additional wager of one dollar to your ante bet. This is done simply by dropping a coin or a chip into a coin slot located in front of each player. The current amount of the jackpot is shown in digital displays on each table. Once you make this bet, and have any of the hand listed below, you are guaranteed a payout regardless if you beat the dealers hand or not. The jackpot is shared if two players have the same hand in one game.

Flush / $ 100
Full House / $ 150
Four of a Kind / $ 250
Straight Flush / 10% of the jackpot amount
Royal Flush / 100% of the jackpot amount

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