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The very symbol of casino gambling, roulette is definitely one of the most popular casino games. As such, it doesn’t just attract droves of gamblers it has a bunch of myths hovering about it too. With the appearance and proliferation of online gambling in recent years, these myths and misconceptions surrounding the ‘little wheel’ have themselves become more numerous. Entire networks of websites have appeared with the goal to capitalize on peoples’ dreams of quick and easily obtained riches. Roulette systems are for sale all over the World Wide Web, and not only will the scammers who are behind them ‘personally’ guarantee for each and every one, they’ll sometimes provide massive calculations and intricate mathematical algorithms to explain exactly why and how their system will work, and to flesh out their websites in the process.

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Don’t be intimidated by the seemingly overwhelming mathematical data brought to bear on the reader by some of these websites. Regardless of the circumstances, and of the apparent credibility of the calculations and arguments presented, you should always know that there is nothing out there that can guarantee anyone a consistent edge at the roulette table. Well, actually there is one thing, but that’s built into the system itself already, and it works for the casino against the player. No, you will not be able to ever beat the house edge in roulette, but there are a number of things you can do to defeat the house drop.

The first thing you need to understand is how the house drop works. You see, the common belief (and the mathematically-backed reality) is that the house makes its money on the house edge. On games like blackjack and slots, where the house edge is minimal, the casino will try to make up for it by sheer volume (install hundreds of slot machines, operate several blackjack tables, etc.). If that were indeed the factual reality, casinos would still make money, but they’d fall hopelessly short of achieving the kind of revenue they’re actually enjoying.

The house edge represents the advantage the casino enjoys over the player, PROVIDED the latter plays optimally. I hope I needn’t tell you that the vast majority of gamblers never even come close to optimal strategy in their play. In a word, they give up much more than the house edge in favor of the casino, by virtue of their own ignorance and lack of skill or true interest. That’s the house drop, and that’s what the casino really counts on as revenue. It is within the player’s grasp to kill the house drop, but there’s nothing one can do about the house edge.

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The first ‘strategy’ move that you need to make is to avoid American roulette. Due to the addition of a ‘00’ to the wheel, American roulette features a 5.26% house edge, compared to the 2.70% featured on European roulette.

Do not go looking for a biased roulette wheel. While in theory it is possible for a live roulette wheel to wear out and thus become faulty, in reality that won’t really ever happen. Remember that the casino staff is on duty all the time, and in addition to the dealers who work at the wheel around the clock, there are plenty of other watchful eyes contemplating the situation. As soon as any trace of suspicion arises, investigations are made, and all physical faults are immediately discovered.

In an online casino, the roulette wheel is operated by a piece of software known as a random number generator, so biased wheels are out of the question in this case.

Some roulette bets carry a larger house edge than others. Learn the game well with all its rules and subtleties. That way you’ll know to avoid high house-edge bets (some of which can offer the casino an advantage of 7.89% ) and to stick with the ones on which the edge is much smaller.

Yes indeed, if you are to play on the roulette for a very long time, the house edge will make sure you’ll register a loss. This however doesn’t mean that you cannot win big on it. The short term variance leaves open a wide array of possibilities, and this is exactly what the magic of the ‘small wheel’ consists in.

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Roulette record breaker! A British dealer hit the same number on the roulette wheel an awesome SEVEN times in a row.
The odds against that happening are one hundred billion to one!

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