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Blackjack - How to Play Blackjack Online - Hit or Stand

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world and that popularity is mirroring itself in the online world.

The rapid growth of online casinos mean games like Roulette, Blackjack and poker are now just as popular as their bricks and mortar equivalents. Here is a rundown of how to play blackjack on the net.

The game starts with each player putting up a bet or your original stake. The dealer then deals you two cards before also receiving two cards.

Your cards are dealt face up staring at the sky while the Dealer only show you one of his cards. The other one remains hidden and this is integral for the core of the game.

The purpose of  Blackjack is to beat the house. The face of the house in this game is the Dealer or more accurately the Dealers cards. As long as the total amount of your cards is greater than the Dealers (but less than 22) then you win your bet. When you are dealt your first two cards you have a series of choices available to you. You can “hit” which means the dealer will deal you another card.

Or you can “stand” which means you are happy with your two cards and do not want anymore.  If you continue to draw more cards or “hit” and your total exceeds 21 then you go bust and lose. Once you go bust the dealer does not have to play in the hand. If you stand then it is the Dealer who now has to draw more cards.  If the dealer goes over 21 then they bust and you win the hand.

There is a distinct difference between the Dealer and the player when it comes to drawing additional cards. The player can draw as many cards as he/she likes unless they go bust. The Dealer must cease drawing cards as soon as they reach the total of 17. Conversely if the Dealer reaches a total of 16 or below they must continue drawing until the reach a limit of 17.

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