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Caribbean Cruise Anyone?
Enter the Caribbean Cruise competition at Platinum Play Casino

There are a multitude of reasons that people choose to play in online casinos. For some people the fancy graphics and superlative sounds just pull people in who just want a bit of fun. But for most people playing in an online casino is all about winning money. There is something alluring about seemingly winning money for nothing and that is exactly how an online casino makes you feel.

Some online companies have taken this premise to an all-new level. Instead of just offering the usual cash prizes, the smart companies are offering more value and variety in the form of holidays. 

One online casino company - Platinum Play has created an affiliation with Neteller to offer players the opportunity to win a Caribbean cruise. The prize will be for a seven-day excursion and all travel costs are also included in the deal.
So what do you have to do to win this fabulous prize?

People playing on these particular sites will have to make a minimum of three cash deposits. The only stipulations are that the deposits are made before January 13th and that they are made through Neteller. Just incase the offer of the Caribbean surprise was not enough, the two companies also promise to hand you an additional 1,500 free bets if your initial deposit is over $100.

So if you fancy the reggae atmosphere, hunt down one of these fantastic casino sites and, who knows, you might just get lucky?

There is currently No Caribbean Cruise competition at the moment but you can still go to Platinum Play Casino to Play games and Enter Competitions