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Blackjack - Test Your Powers of Deduction by playing Blackjack
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Blackjack is the most cerebral of all casino games and is played at many of the best online gambling USA sites.  A big advantage gamers have when playing online blackjack is that they can use a blackjack strategy card.  This is an invaluable tool because blackjack rules dictate that a) players go first and b) if a player busts it doesn’t matter what the dealer does later.  A busted player loses at once!

Boiling Down Blackjack Strategy

So, players must always decide whether to hit or stand. This is easy when you have fewer than 12 points; it can be very complex when you have 12 or more points.

Blackjack Variations Abound

There are also more than 50 different varieties of online casino blackjack.  If you want to learn to play all of them, you’ll need to study many different scenarios so you’ll have a good idea of what to do in any situation.  Real money blackjack requires your attention more than any other casino game ( in French - jeux de casino en ligne.)
Common Sense is as Valuable as Deep Strategy.

Here are a few blackjack tips to help players chart the turbulent waters of online blackjack for real money.

First and foremost, remember that getting to 21 is not the ultimate strategy in blackjack; the ultimate strategy is to beat the dealer which you can often accomplish with only 12 points.

Learn blackjack strategy for one or two basic variations before going on to more challenging games.  There are simply too many variations to learn many at once.

Always be aware of the blackjack rules specific to the game you’re playing.

Play any new variation in Practice Mode before making it one of your real money blackjack games.

Have the courage to follow the strategy card for the online blackjack variation you’re playing. 

If you have 15 may be correct to hit.  Your chances of winning, slim as they are, might be better if you hit.

Never take insurance.  Almost every online blackjack real money game offers insurance but it’s a seriously poor choice.  Avoid it!

Never follow a betting system.  The only correct way to play online casino blackjack is to use a strategy card.

Learn the proper playing strategy of all situations including side bets. 

Your best plays, the ones that make your session a winning one, may be either hitting on 16 when it’s correct or playing a side bet correctly.

Take the time to understand the reasons why strategy cards indicate a play that you would have thought was the wrong play.

Learn to count cards and play multi-hand blackjack.  Online casinos shuffle the decks after each hand so if you’re playing just one hand, your ability to win by counting cards is next to zero.  By playing multi-hand games, you’ll see more cards and can count them, giving yourself an advantage over the house.

As much as possible, play blackjack variations that use fewer decks.  One deck is best.

Avoid games where dealer hits with soft 17.  This rule is an advantage to the house and there is no counterbalancing strategy you might adopt to thwart it.  Simply avoid those games.

Regardless of what the dealer is showing, never split ten-point cards.  Your 20 points are far stronger than what you can expect to get by splitting.

Avoid progressive blackjack games.  It’s fine to pursue progressive jackpots when you’re playing slots; blackjack should be played in a straightforward manner.  The pennies the network takes to create the jackpot may very well represent your edge so don’t give them away on a purely speculative gamble.

A little-known side move is surrender.  Learn when it’s appropriate and use it.  This move alone might save your session and put you in the black.

Always remember that blackjack at its best has a very small edge to the house. You can reduce this edge to near zero.  So, in a long session of blackjack, youare likely to win a little or lose a little.

Given all that....the absolutely best blackjack tip is: blackjack, above all, should be fun!

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